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The Newberry Library in Chicago

I am currently on a research trip at the Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois. It is a really nice facility in a gorgeous building on Walton Street. It is laid out over four floors and a helpful staff that bring me stuff that I have been looking for for months! It is quiet today, so I have got a massive desk and a big room all to myself. How nice!

All I need now is a glass of port and slippers. ;o)

The Difficulty of Starting a Private University Course

This article in the Chronicle of Higher Education is interesting for its nuanced take on "non-profit" vs. "for-profit" universities and the problems with each.
However, the part that puts fear in those of us who have a different view of higher education's future is this,

Pamela O. Long, Independent Historian

This is three years old now, but I just read it. Pamela Long gives a good accounting of her course in becoming an Independent Historian. I particularly liked this bit,

A Rigorous Intellectual Exercise or a Mass Credentialing Service?

Peter Wood ask the important question of Higher Education. Is it to be a rigorous intellectual exercise or a mass credentialing service?

Universities have had it both ways for too long. The prices used to make these type of discussions moot, but when even middle ranking colleges are charging $50,000 per year, the situation has changed.

Lewis Namier on English Scholars

Professor Lewis Namier in England in the Age of the American Revolution, p. 14,

The German prefaces his monumental work by long chapters on methodology, and hesitates to ever take down the scaffolding which he has erected, for fear people might think the building had grown by itself. We prefer to make it appear as if our ideas came to us casually -- like the Empire -- in a fit of absence of mind.

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